Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Spike Cosplay / Jasemine Denise Photography

What inspired this cosplay?

I’m a huge Buffy nerd. When I first watched Buffy I really shipped Buffy and Angel but then the second time around I loved the darkness of Spike and how he changes throughout the series. Who else is a sucker for bad boys? So of course I had to cosplay the “big bad”.

With the help of the amazing Jasemine Denise Photography I was able to recreate James Master’s promo shoot for Spike that I absolutely love!

How did you become the character?


For completing this cosplay I started with the wig and then continued to search my local thrift store until I found everything I needed for his outfit.

Wig: Arda Wigs

Jacket, Shirt, Belt: thrifted

Genderbent Cosplay:


If you’ve img_5751been following my blog at all you’ll see that most of my cosplays are female characters. Don’t be afraid to cosplay characters that look different from you.  For this cosplay I stepped outside of my comfort zone a bit to try to embrace a character I didn’t think I could cosplay and as a result it’s been one of my favorite cosplays I’ve done!





 Personally I’m non-binary img_7060but usually appear pretty fem and I have a pretty round face so achieving James Masters check bones was a struggle. I am also short as hell (5’2″) so I’m really great full to Jasemine for actually making me look like I might be tall in these photos.










The final look for this cosplay is greatly a part of makeup. Eyebrows and contouring are the main areas you’ll want to focus on. I also followed a male contouring chart to try to give sharper lines to my face and make my face appear longer.

And of course don’t forget the nail polish!




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One thought on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Spike Cosplay / Jasemine Denise Photography

  1. You legitimately did that! One of the utmost best Spike cosplays I’ve seen to date. You know because the show is so much “Older” now, you don’t see a lot of cosplays of it, but it was an honor bringing this to life with you! ❤


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