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I’ve been posting a lot of cosplay breakdowns and cosplay tutorials of my own on this blog so I’ve decided it would be a good time to introduce a new section to the CosplaySass blog: Cosplay Interviews!

I want to bring to you all some of the coolest, most complex and simply beautiful costumes I’ve seen! By interviewing cosplayers we can get an inside look of their process and see the person behind the art. Follow CosplaySass to stay updated on some of the greatest cosplayers to know about!

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I’m super excited to introduce to you the talented Ignis Kitsune Cosplay!

Roka is not at all new to the cosplay game and has been cosplaying for about ten years- in addition to cosplay she’s also an amazing model- without any further introduction here she is folks!

What is your name / cosplay name?

My name is Roka and you’re watching Disney Channel. Lol
My cosplay name is Ignis Kitsune cosplay

What first got you into cosplay?

What first got me into cosplay was going in 2008 with some friends to Acen. Seeing a bunch of people in costumes walk around made me go “Well s***, I want to do that too!” so I bought a costume and I’ve been cosplaying ever since.
Roka - Adam - RWBY - JDP -2-X3.jpg
Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

What is the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

Hardest part about cosplaying to me is getting over my insecurities about it. Sometimes, I’ll be like “oh I don’t look good!” or “I can’t pull this off!” That’s the hardest part to me and everything else is actually super fun. Although I can’t say I really like sewing, I do it because I just thoroughly enjoy cosplay.

What’s your favorite character you’ve cosplayed?

My favorite cosplay is definitely Poison Ivy. I like painting myself green. I like being covered in flowers and leaves. It is just awesome.
roka kurumi- jasemine denise photography - poison ivy cosplay-2-x3
Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

What cosplay took you the longest to complete?

The cosplay that took me the longest to complete was probably Knee Socks from Panty & Stocking. Working with the material was really new to me. I had to get help for my sister Kali Neko to pierce the leather,  put the studs in there, and [you know] get measurements for my body. It was really complicated for me at the time. It took about 2 months, maybe three.

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What have you learned since you started cosplaying?

So far from cosplaying, I really learned to just be yourself and have fun with your friends. At the end of the day, you’re a bunch of nerds in costume just either talking about what you love so much or being silly.

Where can we find you online?

Facebook / Instagram / DeviantArt

Ignis Kitsune Cosplay and Kali Neko photographed by Jasemine Denise Photography


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