Cosplay Interviews / Essi cosplay

This week I’m featuring an amazing cosplayer who I’ve been following for awhile and she has made some amazing cosplays.

I’m super excited to introduce to you the amazing Essi Cosplay!

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I want to bring to you all some of the coolest, most complex and simply beautiful costumes I’ve seen! By interviewing cosplayers we can get an inside look of their process and see the person behind the art. Follow CosplaySass to stay updated on some of the greatest cosplayers to know about. We’ll be featuring new cosplayers EVERY FRIDAY!

What is your name / cosplay name?

I go by Essi! My cosplay name is Essi cosplay.

What first got you into cosplay?

I went to my first convention in 2014 and absolutely fell in love. I noticed that people dressed up in the crazy elaborate costumes and wanted to know more, that night I went home and threw together the best costume I could think of.

The next day I drove in the back seat of my friends car all the way to the convention in my costume, it was such a rush! Over the next year I fell in love with the cosplay community and started challenging myself with bigger and better cosplays.

Feature Friday / Essi cosplay

What is the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

The hardest part of cosplaying for me  inding something I connect enough with to want to make it, I have so many ideas, but only specific designs really jump out at me!

What’s your favorite character you’ve cosplayed?

Definitely Brigitte, shes such a strong and caring woman. It also helps that were both ginger and both have a never ending love for cats!

Feature Friday / Essi cosplay
photo by @markscosplayphotography

What cosplay took you the longest to complete?

Once again, that has to be Brigitte! She was my first armor build, she took a lot of trial and error. That was my first time creating my own armor patterns and using new materials I had never played around with before. From start to finish (with quite a few breaks) she took around 4 months.

What have you learned since you started cosplaying?

That making costumes is not a competition (unless your literally in a competition that is). Its hard to not compare yourself to others, especially when beginning.

Where can we find you online?

@essi.cosplay on Instagram!

Feature Friday / Essi cosplay

Feature Friday / Essi cosplay

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One thought on “Cosplay Interviews / Essi cosplay

  1. The creativity in these cosplays are INCREDIBLE!!!! I definitely just hit the follow button on Instagram super hard!! ❤ You're always putting me onto new cosplayers, Bec! Thank you!


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