Cosplay Interviews / Strawberry Smirk

This week I’m featuring someone who is new to the cosplay game but has been doing some amazing modeling work for some time now- Here is Strawberry Smirk- she’s a natural in front of the camera and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next!

I want to bring to you all some of the coolest, most complex and simply beautiful costumes I’ve seen! By interviewing cosplayerswe can get an inside look of their process and see the person behind the art. Follow CosplaySass to stay updated on some of the greatest cosplayers to know about. We’ll be featuring new cosplayers EVERY FRIDAY!

What is your name / cosplay name?

Amelia Michelle/ Strawberry Smirk

What first got you into cosplay?

Dressing up as my favorite characters makes me feel cool.

What cosplay(s) have you completed? What was your process like?

Jughead from Riverdale. I bought everything so it was pretty quick.

What fandoms are you a part of?

I’m a Whovian.

Where can we find you online?

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Photographer: Jasemine Denise Photography

More Cosplay Interviews coming soon! Want to be featured? Message me!
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