Poison Ivy Cosplay / Jasemine Denise Photography


What inspired this cosplay?

I’ve always loved Poison Ivy. She’s an incredibly powerful villain and she’s one of those villains that just makes me root for the bad guy. Through she is a villain to humans she really is a hero to plants. I just love her design and her powers and I’ve always wanted to cosplay her.

I actually was Poison Ivy for Halloween back in 2014? So this was a perfect chance to bring back this look and make it better.

In addition to loving the character I’ve also gotten back into ballet recently (Spider Gwen is coming!). When my photographer, Jasemine asked if I could do a ballet inspired look surrounding SKG’s leg wraps I was THERE. If you’ve been following for a bit your’ll know that I love this brand. She makes super cute harnesses, chokers and lingerie! I actually used these same leg wraps for a shoot back in December of 2017.

With the help of the amazing Jasemine Denise Photography I was able to bring a Ballerina Poison Ivy to life!

How did you become the character?


The outfit:

Time to channel Uma Thurman:

For Poison Ivy’s Makeup I tried to keep the look simple but still add a bit of a diva vibe to her.


Check out the full tutorial:

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