50 Of Our Favorite Cosplays From C2E2 2019 / CosplaySass

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, held in Chicago, had over 82,000 attendees in 2018 with badges selling out at the 2019 convention! C2E2 is the largest pop culture convention in the Midwest and home to the Crown Championships of Cosplay – the most prestigious cosplay award show in the world and the final stop in a global competition series. Cosplayers from all over the world come to show their biggest builds and most impressive cosplays! Here are 50 of our favorite cosplays from C2E2 2019!

1. Winter Zelda by Hannah Eva

2. Troll Warrior & KaelThas from WoW by Ginozacostuming and Baroness Von T Cosplay

3. Queen Amaidala from Star Wars by eveillecosplay / Photo by Dettman Photography

4. Kingpin from Into the Spiderverse by Dina Cimarusti / Photo by David Ngo

5. World of Warcraft troll by Bio Cosplay

6. Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter by thepottercollector

7. Rose Quartz from Steven Universe by Babkamono Cosplay / Photo by CourtWithConfidence

8. M’baku from Black Panther by Outtaline Cosplay

9. Link from Legend of Zelda by cornettocosplay

10. Klaus from Umbrella Academy by Nathan Bakker / Photo by Kris Lori

11. Chompette by BeeBinch

We actually got to meet her in person and this cosplay is amazing to see up close! / Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

12. Wonder Woman & Mera by Rachel Reeter and Allyson Cosplay / Photo by Felix Dandy

13. Thantos by Shar Starr Cosplay / Photo by David Ngo

13. Captain Marvel by bunnybii / Photo by geekstrong

14. Monster Hunter Nergigante Armor by The Hypno Realm

We got to meet him in person after the Crown Championships of cosplay- this armor is amazing!!

15. Boosette by hanako.rin22 and
Bowsette by Angiedovey/ Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

16. McCree from Overwatch by Kennigma Cosplay / Photo by jtinto

17. Optimus Prime from Transformers by James Fredrick Tan

18. Shazam by 2Saint_Cosplay

19. Cutie Honey by artemismooncosplay Photo by infinityspiralphotography

20. Zagara from StarCraft by MyBoo Cosplay / Photo by David Ngo

21. Gaige from Borderlands 2 by Goldvester Cosplay / Photo by Alexandra Brumley

22. Miles Morales from Into The Spiderverse by Celina Jane Atangana / Photo by Mor.Bid

23. . Kratos by Carlos (The Hero) Amaro

24. Khal by AllieSky28 / Photo by StevieDPhotography

25. Hellboy by Black Zero Cosplay / Photo by pinoyphotoguy

26. Penguin cosplayer (comment if you know them!) / Photographed by Marc Jerico

27. Raven & Starfire by missjoeychell and iyveyes / Photo by photoschmoto

28. Captain Hook by Glenn Reyes / Photo by Chicago Tribune

29. All Might from My Hero Acadamia by Celestri41 / Photo by confidentcourtphotography

30. B.O.B from Overwatch by Chase Scarborough / Photo by Chicago Tribune

31. Psyduck by Taylor Pariso / Photo by Chicago Tribune

32. Helga by Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay / Photo by David Ngo

33. Pearl & Rainbow Quartz 2.0 by luminous_bluejay and digitalfox615 / Photo by Erik Jaworski Photography

34. Bill Cipher by aba_daba_do_

35. Catwoman by Vik Stone / Photo by David Ngo

36. Tinker Bell by Riki Le Corey / Photo by Anthony H Nguyen Photography

37. Piccolo & King Piccolo by Dustin Bond and Steggy Stardust / Photo by David Ngo

38. Monster Hunter Kirin by Ruffin Cosplay / Photo by Mineralblu

39. Hellboy, Gamora & Nebula by Stephaniexmoon_ , simplyrayelle, and sassy.aries / Photo by Rogelio Gonzalez

40. Star Girl by quasar_creations / Photo by mel.chowski

41. Scarecrow by its.ha.deel

42. Gandalf & Saruman by itgoose and sollycos / Photo by sauceyjack

43. The Joker by surprised2cosplay / Photo by Manny Acance

44. Emil by Calculated Cosplay / Photo by David Ngo

45. Wolf O’Donnell and Fox McCloud by Ruffin Cosplay & k8sarkissian / Photo by David Ngo

46. Darth Talon Cosplay by Adra Silverven / Photo by David Ngo

47. Orko by John Spaw / Photo by Cadence Mccarrel

48. Critical Role cosplays by April Gloria & elenithil

49. Ursula cosplay by KikiElise Cosplay / Photo by Kate Sikora

50. Peni Parker& Miles Morales by Han Yuleum & Jean-Pierre

2019 was an amazing year for cosplay at C2E2! If you happened to get any pictures of CosplaySass feel free to send them here!

What was your favorite cosplay of the weekend? Leave a comment and let us know!

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