Cosplay Interviews / Monster Moose Cosplay

This week I’m featuring an amazing cosplayer who I’ve been following for awhile and she has made some amazing cosplays – whether she’s using special effects or a great wig she really becomes the characters she cosplays!

I’m super excited to introduce to you the amazing Monster Moose Cosplay!

Photo by Alee Studios

I want to bring to you all some of the coolest, most complex and simply beautiful costumes I’ve seen! By interviewing cosplayers we can get an inside look of their process and see the person behind the art. Follow CosplaySass to stay updated on some of the greatest cosplayers to know about. We’ll be featuring new cosplayers EVERY FRIDAY!

What is your name / cosplay name?

Laura / Monster Moose

What first got you into cosplay?

I started cosplaying when I was in high school, probably like 7 years ago now, and I just got into it after being involved in fandom stuff. I was fortunate enough to live pretty close to one of the bigger Anime conversions in the Midwest, so I begged my mom to take me and some friends and ended up being so in awe of all the cosplay I saw that I knew I had to do it myself!

Photo by David Ngo

What is the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

Honestly the hardest part is just not stressing over it. Cosplay isn’t my main source of income. I work and go to school so it can be hard to remind myself that con crunching shouldn’t always be my top priority. I also have a bad habit of going over budget, so money management has always kind of been an issue for me.

Photo by Alee Studios

What’s your favorite character you’ve cosplayed?

It’s so hard to choose! I think my favorite is honestly my Lost Boys stuff, because I adore that movie and I’ve gotten to do that group with a few of my favorite people. The research and then construction for the pieces I made for that group was really fun, and I could seriously do an entire interview just on that lol

Photo by Alee Studios

What cosplay took you the longest to complete?

I think I’ve put the most hours into my Antiope armor, and it’s somewhere around 25-30, but it was done over the course of just a week so it doesn’t feel like it took very long. I have a short attention span, so if a project is going to take me a while, I honestly never finish it lol

What have you learned sense you started cosplaying?

I’ve learned so much about all kinds of costuming, from sewing to leathercraft to fx. I’ve also learned a lot about people and why they are they way they are, and a lot about myself and what it is that I really love.

Photo by Hex Tapes

Where can we find you online?
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Patreon 

Photo by Alee Studios

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