Cosplay Interviews / Aquarius Taught me Cosplay

This week I’m featuring an amazing cosplayer who has made some amazing cosplays. He really brings characters that he cosplays to life and is super talented with armor builds and bodypaint!

Here he is- the amazing- Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay!

I want to bring to you all some of the coolest, most complex and simply beautiful costumes I’ve seen! By interviewing cosplayers we can get an inside look of their process and see the person behind the art. Follow CosplaySass to stay updated on some of the greatest cosplayers to know about. We’ll be featuring new cosplayers EVERY FRIDAY!

What is your name / cosplay name?

My name is Keenen Orlando Baker and my cosplay name is AquariusTaughtMeCosplay.

What first got you into cosplay?

A close friend took me to my first con (Dragoncon) and I had such an amazing time and feeling of belonging that I had to be apart of this community.

What is the hardest part of cosplaying for you?

The racism that goes on in the [cosplay] community gets HELLA annoying. In a world of fictional characters we still have “purest” who think it’s wrong for a POC to cosplay a character they like.

What’s your favorite character you’ve cosplayed?

My favorite character I’ve cosplayed would have to be Nightcrawler.

What cosplay took you the longest to complete?

Firestorm took me a good solid couple of months to complete with all the detailing, led lights etc.

What have you learned sense you started cosplaying?

I’ve learned more about my creative side as a whole and connected to so many cosplayers.

Where can we find you online?
Facebook / Instagram

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