Cosplay DIY: Duela Dent Boudoir Cosplay


What I Bought:

You can’t always make everything! If it’s cheaper for me to buy something already made for a cosplay vs. sewing it I opt to buy. For Duela I ordered the hat, wig, corset, and gloves on Amazon. I already had the goggles, purple underwear, and PVC pipe at home.

Materials for DIY:

Green material

Purple Material

Clear elastic


EVA Foam

Craft Foam

Spray Paint

Acrylic Paint

Yellow flowers

PVC pipe

The Collar (Attempt #1)

I ended up not using the neck armor because it was too big on my neck – but this was still a fun learning experience.

Shoulder Armor

I used another Evil Ted pattern for Duela’s shoulder armor. Here’s my process:

Sewing Details:

I ended up buying the orange corset on amazon. I sewed on the green details and also sewed the green arm wraps? Bracelets? (Whatever those are). I made the skirt form a curtain panel and followed an easy pattern I found online for a bustle skirt.


This makeup was done using Mehron makeup water activated and cream paints. In the future I might try experimenting with scar wax for a more realistic look.

Finished Cosplay!

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