Lord of The Rings / Gimli Cosplay DIY

Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography
Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography


If you know me or have been following me for awhile you know I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan. Gimli is one of the best characters ever so obviously I had to cosplay him. This cosplay really got me to step out of my comfort zone in regards to mainly cosplaying female characters as well as challenging myself mwth prop and armor builds.

Even thought these movies came out some time ago I still struggled to find reference photos for cosplays, especially for Gimli’s helmet. These were the two main reference pictures that I started out with.

The Helmet:

Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

I started off with the paladin helmet pattern form Evil Ted. I then modified the helmet to match the shape of Gimli’s. I followed this video to make the Paladin helmet.

After I had the main shape of the helmet down I used a pop figure to get the details of the helmet.

Next, I added the band around the middle and the helmet started to look more like Gimli’s I then added craft foam for all of the details:

Finished Helmet:

I used plasti dip to prime the helmet and painted with acrylics. I took apart a leather belt from the thrift store to make the x’s on the back. Helmet made with EVA foam, craft foam, and googly eyes.

The Axe:

I used this pattern to make Gimli’s axe. I used pvc pipe for the handle and covered everything with EVA foam. I took apart a leather belt to wrap around the handle. The axe was finished with some spray paint and puff paint for details and the costume was almost complete!

Photo by Jasemine Denise Photography

The outfit:

I found some window curtains that were a good weight material and color for Gimli’s tunic. I roughly cut out a pattern based on a vest that I had and then after making a garment that was way too big I sized it down.

I found the detailing for the outfit at the thrift store. I decided to cut up some belts for the detail on his chest and I used fabric from pillows for the detail at the bottom of the tunic.

Tunic base:

For Gimli’s chain mail armor I picked up some rug mats at the Dollar Tree and cut and glued them into a shirt. I used grey spray paint and some dry brushing to crate the chain mail effect. Here was the result:

Bonus: gender bent Gimli

The Beard:

This is the original beard I bought on Amazon.

I tried adding hair to turn this beard into a longer one but unfortunately it ended up being too much hot glue and too heavy to stay on my face. I them opted to purchase a longer beard on Amazon and a mustache to complete the look. This is the beard I bought before and after dying:

The Wig:

This is the same wig I used for Gimli- for the “hair armor” I used craft foam attached with magnets.

Finished Costume:

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