Halloween 2019 // Pennywise

Featuring Photography by Jasemine Denise Photography

Super excited to announce that this set has been featured in Sique Magazine!

Check out the Halloween Issue here!


I’ve always loved horror movies. Growing up the original IT movie was one of the ones that scared me the most. Ironically, I hate clowns and after the sequel was released, I was inspired to face my fear by becoming Pennywise.  The majority of the costume was created by me. The exception is what really made the costume click; that wast the teeth by Dental Distortions. 

After I had the costume together I collaborated with Jasemine Denise Photography to really capture the character. We set up a black backdrop, blew up some red balloons, and started up the fog machine to capture these truly brilliant photos! 

The Creative Team

Photographer : Jasemine Denise Photography

Set Design: Roka Kurumi

Fog Machine: Angelo Malito

Jasemine Denise is a godsent photographer – always has an eye for detail and no matter how much I scare her with crazy makeup she’s ready to get THE SHOT. Jasemine’s lovely assistant Roka helped us with the set design and posing. My fiance Angelo came through to control the fog machine. Our whole photoshoot was a great time, I’m always excited to work with creative people that help bring my visions to life! Having my whole creative team around really helps to set the mood. The photos we take where everyone is just hyping each other up and having a good time always turn out the best.

The Details

Almost all of the costume was handmade. This was my first time sewing a collar but I was happy with the result. The lace detail on the collar and wrist cuffs really help to bring the costume together. I completed the costume with red yarn pom poms and rope belt.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween 2019 // Pennywise

    cosplay makes the world go round. If you can imagine it then you can become it.
    Loved pennywise. I’m not as into horror but this is liifffted! I can’t wait to see more!


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