DaishoCon 2019

This year was my first Daisho at Kalahari resorts in Wisconsin Dells. Let me just start by saying this con is a BLAST! There are SO many things to do at the resort and a ton of amazing cosplayers to meet!

I debuted my Raven cosplay as well as my swimsuit Robin cosplay at the con.


We spent most of the day at the waterpark on Friday. After getting some pics I changed out of cosplay to actually get on the slides.

Swimsuit Robin was a success!

Can’t wait until Stranger Things season 4!

Friday night we headed to the arcade to get some pics of Raven.

Unfortunately my belt broke halfway through the night but I’ll definitely get that fixed to do this cosplay again.


Saturday we spent most of the day in the arcade. We had a great time playing games and it was a great spot for photos.

At the con on Saturday we got to meet CowButtCrunchies! It was so cool meeting them, they are amazing cosplayers!

It was fun debuting Pennywise at a con after only wearing them for Halloween. The teeth got really annoying but I was happy with how my makeup turned out for the day.

Overall we had a great time at Daisho, my only regret was falling asleep before the rave but there’s always next year!

Until next year!

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