Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette Review

I just recently purchased the Jackie Aina Pallette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette is gorgeous! Keep reading for an in-depth review of the palette + a tutorial!


This palette swatches beautifully! All of these shades are super buttery and blendable. I will say the light pick shade is a little less neon swatched than in the palette but that is the only shade I had any minor complaints about – still a great color blending on the eye!


The Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette (launched August 2019) is a limited edition palette that features 14 shades (3 pressed pigments and 11 eyeshadows) This palette is unique in that it offers shadows of various finishes from matte to metallic to duo-chrome shades.

This palette offers both pink/purple shades and orange/red shades to give you a lot of options for very versatile looks. The three Pressed Pigments (Big Wig, Pinker, Supreme) are “not intended for use around the immediate eye area.” The product includes color additives that are not approved for usage on the eyes per the FDA. While these “press pigments” are not FDA approved, I have use multiple shadows that have been labeled as this without any issue. I always recommend using a primer or base with eyeshadows and know what works best on your skin. Also along with this always be sure to safety remove your makeup to prevent any staining or irritation.

Packaging: 9/10

The packaging of this palette is very similar to all other Anastasia palettes. I do like the texture of the palette and the duo-chrome scale effect on the outside seems like a good representation of Jackie Aina’s image. I feel like the exterior works well with the color range inside and love the design. The palette also comes with the Anastasia dual-ended eyeshadow brush that’s always good to have. My only complaint on packaging is that the brush kinda falls out when you open the palette if you want to keep the brush there so that’s the only reason I’d give this a 9/10. Overall this is a good size palette (not too big, not too small) and you get a good amount of product (0.392 oz) which compared to some other palettes is good. Overall its what’s inside that matters as they say.

Pigmentation: 10/10

This palette is SUPER pigmented. A lot of palettes I feel like you really have to warm up the color to get the true pigment but not with this one. The pigmentation is consistent with that of the Modern Renaissance palette – if you loved that palette you’ll love the Jackie Aina x ABH palette!

Fallout: 9/10

I have limited fallout with the pigments in this palette. I find that glitter shades always give me a little bit of fallout but that’s why I’m always to scared to do foundation before eyes – some of y’all are so brave!

Blendability: 10/10

These pigments are super buttery and blend like a dream. What else can I say? 10/10

Cost vs. Quality: 10/10

Originally retailed for $45.00 for 0.392 oz. Now on sale for $31.50 as of 07/22. In terms of price this is pretty standard of ABH palettes – the sale definitely makes this worth it.

Compared with some popular palettes:

  • Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette 0.392 oz for 14 shadows (0.028 per shadow) – $45 $31.50
  • Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette 0.05 oz for 12 shadows (0.004 per shadow) $54
  • BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil 1.23 oz for 35 shadows (0.035 per shadow)  $20
  • Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette 1.98oz for 35 shadows – (0.05 per shadow) $39


More on Anastasia Beverly Hills & Jackie Aina:

Anastasia Beverly Hills, also known as ABH, is a Romanian cosmetics company best known for its eyebrow products. The company was founded by its chief executive officer, Anastasia Soare. Soare’s daughter Claudia Soare, also referred to as Norvina, is the president of the company. * Established in 1997, the brand had their first product line release in 2000. ABH is 100% cruelty-free. Some Anastasia Beverly Hills products contain beeswax or honey, therefore they are not a vegan brand but they do not test on animals.

 Jackie Aina is a YouTube star, beauty icon and activist who has become an unapologetic and bold voice for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. Jackie started making YouTube videos in 2009 and has since amassed over 3 million subscribers and 283 million views to her channel. * With her collaboration with ABH Jackie set out to make a palette with shades that aimed to be more inclusive of darker skin tones, something that was still currently lacking in the beauty industry in 2019.

On the subject of diversity and inclusion in the beauty inductry Jackie has said, “People demand more representation and better representation. It’s not enough to make 50 shades of foundation and only sell the dark ones online. I’ve directly seen how the consumers have demanded better and more fair retail shopping experiences for everyone. The past two years alone, we’ve seen a big rise in brands expanding on their products. I’ve seen brands that I never thought would ever make products for people that look like me and they’re now doing it.” *


Buy it! If you wear a lot of soft glam looks and aren’t afraid of a pop of glitter this palette is for you! While this palette was formulated to give a much needed range to those with deeper skin tones I would recommend this palette to everyone. Shades that seem to be pigmented as a highlight color for those with deeper skin-tones can be used as an all over-all neutral shade for people with fairer complexions. This palette is definitely worth grabbing if you’re looking for some bright purples or some more pressed glitters.

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